Your Technical WordPress Manager

A formulated WordPress experience, to help you breath & win!

Enjoy all the benefits of self-hosted WordPress, with the security, speed & support of a premium managed service, with someone you feel safe, without having to worry about the technical stuffs.

Cherish a mindfully crafted value-to-cost ratio that will keep you in the race, without breaking your bank.

Delight yourself with a useful growing list of FREE paid premium WordPress plugins, themes and related services which would have otherwise cost you a fortune.

Relax your mind as you will get FREE WordPress technical advice & guidance every time you need, with someone who cares to help you solve your problems.

Reclaim back your precious time knowing your WordPress gets a complete full-fledged maintenance care plan freely & frequently, with a unique process via human intervention – The Plover Way!

It’s WordPress Without-Trading-Your-Time!

Managing (a self-hosted) WordPress with its frequent maintenance, coupled with security practices – are an area in which most people struggle. And rightly so. It can be hellish to manage on your own.

Even if you think you have it under control, you are costing yourself serious time & effort just to handle everything by yourself.

You deserve to have a technical WordPress manager who is fully invested in your interest. Someone who will fully manage every aspect of your WordPress platform in a conscientious manner. Someone who will support you with ongoing strategic technical guidance anytime you need!

With Generous First-Class Features

Did we mention you get one free .com domain with each WordPress plans?
Learn more!

domain management

We can fully manage your domain, including registration.

Reliable infrastructure

We host your WordPress site on a reliable hosting infrastructure.

resilient backups

We implement 3 levels of backups.

multi caching layers

We have 2 layers of caching: server-side full-page caching & edge-caching using Cloudflare.

Premium SMTP

We provide you with a stellar premium transaction email service via our partner:

Premium Image compression

We provide you with a (free) in-built premium image compression using our partner:

Security strategy

We have several layers of security implementations.

2-FA Authentication

We provide you with a rock-solid 2-FA authentication for your WordPress.

24/7 Site monitoring

We monitor your WordPress site uptime from 5 different locations.

dedicated status page

We provide you with a custom status page:

WooCommerce ready

Enjoy a WooCommerce ready platform with smart full-page caching.

Generous support

Enjoy a generous & qualified customer support experience, with an empathetic ear.

full care plan

Sleep well knowing your WordPress maintenance is fully handled by us – free with part of our hosting plans.

Premium WordPress goodies

We put at your disposal a growing list of paid premium WordPress themes & plugins, freely.

Scaling wordpress

We proactively monitor if your WordPress need to scale up & handle it based on your budget.

Customised wordpress architecture

We implement an enterprise grade WordPress codebase architecture, including WordPress hardening.

Proactive advice

We review all your plugins & themes on EVERY weekly deploys.

free migration

We provide you with a free unlimited migration service – both IN and OUT.

the plover atomic deploy process

Let’s be clear, nobody does weekly atomic deploys (done by a human) of your WordPress, the way we do it!